The work of the interpreter is very emotionally draining and can bring a lot of burden on the individual and their relationships if not supported well. The interpretive work may put you in context where you will face human drama in all its aspects and powers. There is a need of emotional platform for offloading the burden which has been loaded during the particular job. When this is not done the burden will remain and will deplete internal resources and strain the external relationship. I have found that the following debriefing support is very helpful for my work and would like to share it with you.
Dr.Yordan K. Zhekov provides variety of services including debriefing as well. He is a qualified, accredited and experienced counsellor who will provide you with the relevant support according to your needs. Here is the description of the debriefing service provided on his website:
Debriefing: Passing through a difficult situation is exhausting and emotionally draining. An hour of debriefing would provide the safe environment to review thoughts, emotions, behaviour and outcomes putting everything into perspective. Click to visit the website. 

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